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I was tagged by: fictional-cophine <3

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1.What’s your favourite song?

Tonight Alive - What Are You So Scared Of?

2.If you could have a super power, Wich would you choose?


3.Cats or Dogs?


4.Favourite drink?


5.You can travel anywhere you want, for free. Where would you choose?

India, Australia, Canada, France, Holland and England 

6.What’s your pets name? (if you have)


7.Ideal job?

Musician. Doing what you love, traveling with friends around the world.

8.Favourite TV show?

Orphan Black

9.If you could choose between been a single day with anyone you want or killing anyone you want  discharged, What would you choose? And who would you choose?

Day with Jenna McDougall

10.Favourite Game?

Call of Duty 2

11.What language would you like to learn?


New Questions:

1. Do you like your school?

2. Favorite band?

3. Favorite movie?

4. Favorite actor?

5. Favorite model?

6. What do you look for in a friend?

7. Favorite animal?

8. Favorite restaurant?

9. Which is more important for you, a great career or a great personal life?

10. What would you like to do when you pass all your exams?

11.  What would you like to change in your room?

I tag: inspirations-by-monique


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Tagged by: fictional-cophine
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Type: INTP (Turbulent)

I tag itslifeorbeth, scarlettjade


I was tagged by itslifeorbeth.

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I’m sorry if I made some mistakes, my english is not perfect.

I tag: lcmorganart, tonysaawicki, sard0nyx and anyone else who wants to do this. 

Anonymous said: heya, the first song for your music player (the edge), who's it by and is it a cover? It sounds rad :p

Tonight Alive - The Edge - piano cover by Sam Yung